Episode 13

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3rd Sep 2021

Josh Charters His Gen Z Talent

Blue Collar BS

Episode 13: Gen Z Propelling Gen X Business

In this episode, Steve and Brad welcome their special guest Josh Clymer, the owner of AquaTraction Advanced Marine Flooring. Josh talks about how he managed to leverage the younger generations, Gen Zs, and potentially some Millennials, in his organization. And they are helping his business to thrive. According to him, a company leader needs to know will fit in his company and add value. He considers it his responsibility to interview and choose the right individuals. He is coaching them and allows them to develop their skills. And if they succeed, he has done his job. 

Episode Summary

06:07 – I’ve spent a lot of time trying to understand my shortfalls and become a better leader. - The biggest thing is reflecting back.

07:09 – I take it as a complete offense that if I hired somebody and I had to fire them, I screwed up the entire interview process. That’s my fault. It is not generational. My responsibility is to make sure that I’m hiring the correct people and to be a good mentor for those people. 

13:27 – One of the things that I’ve done that's really been successful for us is that I’m constantly getting up to local colleges, and I’m pulling kids that are sophomores and juniors, and I’m pulling them in as interns. My operations manager and my engineering manager started as interns with me.

15:42 – I hear all the time that those new generations are lazy. It is not true. It is my responsibility to get out, mentor them and help them become better, coach them into what I want them to be or how I feel they are going to add the most value to my organization so we can all be successful.

18:45 – Fishing captains in the marine industry have a little bit of an ego. Sometimes they do not like to be told what to do by engineering managers who are 22 years old. It creates a conflict. It gives the opportunity for my employees to continue to get better and become thicker skin and deal with these conflicts.

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