Episode 12

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20th Aug 2021

Millennial Xer And The Industry Technology Gap

Episode 12: Technology Gap

In this episode, Steve and Brad welcome Kevin Kromm. Kevin is in the Home Building and Remodeling industry. He is a millennial, but he thinks he does not fit into the stereotype. His personality did not allow him to sit at a desk from 9-5, so he went into the construction world. They talk about the generational gap due to technology and different mindsets. Kevin sees technology as a great tool but highly addictive. While Boomers and Gen X avoid using technology and would rather talk face to face, Millennials and Gen Z would rather send out ten text messages and start five different conversations. Kevin shares his thoughts on how to shrink that technology gap between generations.

Episode Summary

05:00 – That generational gap is getting wider and wider because fewer and fewer people look at careers in the building industry thinking they cannot make that much money doing something like that.

06:35 – One of the biggest gaps is mostly the office and production teams – leveraging and utilizing technology on the office and management side and the production side.  

14:25 – I’m usually the youngest person to walk into a room. It is sometimes helpful to have a younger person in the room. The struggle with them is to show up at work, not with technology.

16:38 – Boomers – accept that technology is not something that’s just going to go away.

18:08 – Gen Z – realize that you are not going to be as good at technology as younger generations. Try to learn from them.

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