Episode 11

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6th Aug 2021

Welcome Boomer-Podcast Debut

Blue Collar BS - Boomer-Makes Podcast Debut

Episode 11: Industry Trends in Trades Around Construction

In this episode, Steve and Brad welcome their guest, a resident expert Mike Slawnikowski, owner of M Design and Build. Mike is a boomer. Together, they dive in at the biggest employment concerns and the concerns with subcontractors. They discuss the work ethics and mentorship of younger generations. They focus on the issue of how to improve their drive and get Gen Z involved in doing the trade work.

Episode Summary

03:45 – The problem in the talents base is getting young people involved, getting them to see that they can make a great income, have the freedom to walk around, work at a number of different places.

05:20 – How to improve their drive? Show them a check.

06:22 – Work ethic is important and it starts at home. You have to have that drive.

09:18 – I do not care what or who the customer is, what is the age group, background, profession… of a customer. They want respect and they want people to be professional.

16:26 – They want to have a cause, to be a part of something. Having a real social purpose for them is very important.

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